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fake ugg classic cardy had better write with the style of writing of glow with enthusiasm and joyful alacrity.

the autumn miss came, she walked to the countryside and spread an aureate coat for countryside.
asphalt street up, everywhere it is thus clear that her figure.That leaf that is golden is the best witness.
“the autumnal winds is disconsolate, the Hong wave upsurges” Wei Wu Di Cao hold to say at this time of a words.Although the autumnal winds is disconsolate,can also gives us happy.We can that leaf do specimen and do a book-mark etc..The autumnal winds blows park, the willow is it happened that to dance.The autumnal winds blews down orchard, apple open a mouth, bloom a smiling face of beauty
autumn miss, bring person cool.
autumn miss, you are so beautiful, let me infatuate for your magic power forever.
I ask a son before going to bed every day:”Is the mother good?”
the son answer:”Good.”
I ask again:”Mother where good?”
son meeting habitual the ground answer:”The mother grows good-looking.”
then I fully satisfiedly tell a story for son.
a day evening, I ask fake ugg classic cardy so again of time, husband beside Du Rang:”Always ask so, all influence the son’s esthetic sense.” The fantasy type composition is to suppose a kind of scene, the author completes with the imagination of composition.For example, 《if fake ugg classic cardy I am to help male 》, 《 stand at what the moon top thoughts of 》, 《 Mr. Yu and the second-time meeting of Zhi Sou 》, 《 after 20 years my a day 》 etc..The characteristics of this kind of question in composition test is:The freedom is vivid, unrestrained, thought to be free from restriction, can maneuver to gallop about, soar to the skies hover.Writing this composition has to notice following what time:

a, have to be concrete but meticulous of description.Is concrete but meticulous of the description is a composition image vivid essential condition.Abstract general, there is no concrete case, impossible attraction reader.If write 《if I am help male 》 , should concentrate to write like 23 concrete cases, some classmate fake ugg classic cardy each one firsts are “if my benefit is male”, keep on connecting is me would ever how.Being each is tenth, 35, totally wrote a segment, is all dry and hard, the contents is dishonest at, be in need of image.

two, have to have an explicit topic.The fantasy type composition has to extremely and extensively choose material world, but this not that it can thought of what write what, it is also similar to the composition of other types, have to have an explicit topic, the material chosen has to surround this topic.《If I am benefit Mr. 》 is this composition, its topic should is be like help male so suppress strong hand weak, Cheng the bad Yang is kind, choose of the material will can embody this.But some classmates after writing become to help male assiduous delve into science, acquired a national science and technology prize, this visited to leave topic.

three, go into to have to be quick.Write this composition, had better direct from condition and details commence and abandon the whole set of words.But some composition opening remarkses of classmates are too many, slowly said a lot of words of surpluses, such as while writing 《Mr. Yu and the second-time meeting of Zhi Sou 》 , what”the determined old fool can move a mountain is a literary reference”, “this literary reference has deep meaning”, etc., rounded a few turn sons first, then went into, garrulous, not very simple and direct.

four, have to have reality basis.Fantasy type composition expression of mostly author of ideal, the ideal is to realistically fold light, it can attain or can carry out after effort.There is a classmate that write 《if I am help male 》 , say help male call on the teacher of sick A, the treasure is 1, make the low short cabin become a big house right away, and spacious brightness, the sunlight is ample.This is the establishment in the realistic foundation of, because of constructing a house like this for teacher is become realistic.If change so:Teacher A lives in the cave, dark damp, help a male, immediately become a palace of magnificent, teacher AN is correcting a homework in the palace, this doesn’t suit actual.

the contents of fantasy type composition usually is an ideal life, full of truth among them, also usually is expressing of author’s intense emotion.Thus, had better write with the style of writing of glow with enthusiasm and joyful alacrity.

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cheap uggs for sale endow with to the poem phrase song of make track for.

Another my composition
people all say that the person of Gemini has dual personality, the outward appearance is crazy, the heart is solitary;The surface is smiling, the heart is crying.Although I ain’t so is different in form,is also Gemini of a ground tunnel way.
you may see with classmate Xi hip-hop admire of I, and the colleague pursue to beat to make of I, however, few someones can peep deep place of heart that likes an ancient rhyme thou joss-stick of I.
remember that the beginning just liked ancient times to purely think lazy, I thought that the ancient female kid didn’t just would be virtuous, need not study, need not wrote industry, examine also tested a language, much good!Became to classic United States afterwards, endow with to the poem phrase song of make track for.
poem phrase article
at usually living in, I will what 《Tang Shi is 300 》, 《 Sung phrase is 800 》 with once the hand throw and look up at sky to give a long whistle amen, so difficult back!But a person alone
sound of music and song’s spreading to the utmost a visitor go to sun in Europe and fix and is how sad to sing a such kind of poem!Quiet thinking on the desk of my imitating a Buddha is as inharmonious as the environment of surroundings.Saw the poem phrase of along while, took off to copy to also make it about, have a meal!Mother Chen while having a meal strange way the old daddy to you is also true of of, again don’t know to cheap uggs for sale go to why!I smelt smell, outside in the door is then say with smile a dynasty spring to the utmost the beauty is old, husband’s drinking you doesn’t know.Did the mother ask your father to drink?I the Yue wet eye ask me I not language, the wine joss-stick floats to come home an inside.Then the mother also smelt, a wine flavor kept into family.By this time the mother starts to remember my words, suddenly realize, smile.
interest was aroused by me, our house had a conversation more and more a thou to turn, more and more poetry
song article
you probably see me that day with classmate just in the Kan rock’n’roll music, hip-hop breeze, in fact in the home, I will listen to a type of song Chinese breeze.
I like to listen to the song of original favor and like their Tang Feng’s rich brocade, Cang sea the month is clear, ten thousand inside pure autumn;Qin Guan Huai, , , the blue farmland day is warm, grape wine;Chang-an after snow, beginning’s that palace gate weighs building, rice glue ball light the sea is beautiful like Zhou;The ice spends lotus jade extremely keen, the secondary rainbow clothes feather dress dance Man is soft to still cheap uggs for sale have Dong cheap uggs for sale Zhen of the swordsman river’s lake in music.Is all so beautiful melody, so beautiful lyrics.
the once on-line supported by proof gather the new album of original favor and fill a phrase activity, write and weigh the lyrics of the sun concerning the chrysanthemum, I am eager to have a try.Downloaded the song of this song, You You Chinese breeze, long thin sadness I am according to requesting to fill a phrase.Although the result is disappeared,I ain’t sad to there are still in the world many persons of similar to me passion Chinese breezes, I believe.
June of whole, you are probably Gemini the person of Gemini is really very standing alone, but because had an another my keep company with, my each will very poetry, very original favor.Another my composition
everybody all has at the mind deep places is an once acquainted with of another I, she follows behind you every day, you could not feel her of existence, but she protects you like patron saint.
heart deep place of I am 1 to have a boiling passion.Being full of is ideal.I think another I, become real of I.
at school, I am an observance school rules obedience to collectively arrange of good student, but at in home, but I am to usually do some affairs of spaces.
in the eyes of others, I am an innocent alacrity.The funny silly kid smiling, but in parents’ eyes, I am just one unreasonable, the not clear matter manages of stupid kid.
in my eyes, I am one to am free from a person to like and recruit a person vexed bad kid.The result isn’t good of I, usually suffer the close relatives derision.Result not well and not is I would like to of, who not think that oneself is excellent, you does attend to their yourselveses, but realize more way to my injury?Give my the young and small mind is serious wound.But in grandfather’s grandmother’s eyes, I am an outsider that should not living at this family.
in so many persons’ eyeses, I understand an another, I is an easy space, don’t starve with cold, not clear matter reason, be free from a person to like, recruit a person vexed kid.
another am I like this?That I prefer to not want, I rather disappear in this world and let you forever can not find me and wear also not make some person satisfied.
don’t think to have no you, I cannot live.The another that is real I am that one is strong, presumes to think frustrate.The difficulty declares war of person.
another I, will live more fascinatingly.Have no your strokes.Under encouragement, I will be healthy and strong growth, you could not imagine as well forever.
let I this small and weak strength, resist you to chase.
another I am the time that you break out, more power to you.

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cheap ugg boots for sale tasteless

A delicacy of my house
bequeath to the family treasure who how many does the home have no?
big to the dinosaur egg in ancient ages, small write while arriving father to at the beginning make track for a mother of a love letter, this can is all baby, you dare to say your house have no?Anyway my house includes, and still many
big calligraphist Wang Xi Zhi’s genuine calligraphy;Big poet, Li Bai,’s manuscript;Xu cheap ugg boots for sale Bei Hong draws of horse;Together the shrimp of white mosaic;The queen mother of Ci Xi is once used of night pot;Li Shi Min once play of night bright pearl
these my homeses all have no.Ha ha, open a fun, my house really has a baby, also is an all historic old curio, for example say
froze dumpling for one year in refrigerator;Kepted spider ivy for five years on the veranda;Bought a bed for eight years;The wine that still has already placed a decade etc., although it is said time is enough long, however is all some things with no actual meaning.
again before going toward time change for a while.The ah also really has a baby, the article production’s date for October 12, 1999**divide*second, have no color, not poisonous, tasteless, physical volume not known, the weight didn’t know and used for 12 years, be still apart from a storage term limit how many ten thousand years.
this baby’s use can greatly, be you aren’t happy of time, she will speak that the joke lets you listens to;When you what stuff, she will keep your chat company;When you feel sleepy to feel time, she will tell a story for you
this baby sometimes also do the good matter bad and for example say that the mother of helping of her good heart slices vegetables, but give°s own hand to break, then harm of one everyone son person don’t in the morning eat rice to for example say that the mother’s fountain-pen had no ink, she helps to absorb ink, can on turning round but tipping over inkstand, he takes a towel to wipe, but is slipped by ink of the ground, the arm ran into table up, the woody table is uncovered a big hole all of a sudden, cheap ugg boots for sale she by herself also the handle knob lane folded.Whenever this matter, the depressed mother doesn’t know how to do is should comfort her, he so big basket;BE should blame her, he also for helping you
the baby of my house is sometimes also not very lovely.She usually doesn’t go home and have a meal at aunt’s house today, tomorrow and go to bed at the house of Jiao Jiao, the mother says:If the baby of my house true one fine day to throw, I all perhaps couldn’t report to the police, also think baby who does the house loiter about!
the baby of my house is an expensive lord son, in fact this a few months aren’t so bad, the baby is all day long loquacious suspicion he or she was fat and then give° the snack to quit.If before putting, ran toward supermarket for baby each week, each time several snacks of 100 dollarses of brushing of heroism, make was responsible for the aunt of snack counter to see the babies of my house all want to pull her each time, passionately give her the recommendation what lately- become available in the market biscuit, potato chips and preserved beef
my house of baby the outlooking little bit is also not usual, will never be put a person inside in the heap can not find it of that kind of.Also not cheap ugg boots for sale is say that the baby grows have much good-looking, the baby’s outlooking perhaps also can be used special come to describe.You want that only one meter 60 statureses but own 50 kilograms of weights, this similar to the mascot penguin of Teng Xun, why say Mie like this?You see, that penguin shape is not up see, next see, left see, right see is all O type.O.K. baby’s outline of my house is enough deep, eyes enough big, just unwillingly call last amiability.I can say a words to the baby of my house:Feed, it’s time to reduce weight!
the E introduce this, I think that you also knew!
the baby of my house is me!
feed, pure kid proud, don’t say my pit your dad, which kid isn’t the baby of his house?

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